Welcome to the resource web site for the “Memorializing Promise and Conflict” Program, a federally funded Teaching American History Program in Westfield, MA. This site takes an inside look at the transformative learning that took place throughout the program and provides an extensive collection of resources to benefit all educators.

Who this site is for
Any educator seeking American History content on the topics of democracy and American conflicts from the Civil War to the present.

What information is on this site

  • Resources related to the program’s themes
    • Website Links
    • Lesson Plans and Classroom Activities
    • Book Recommendations
    • Teacher Created Content
  • Resources to help teachers engage their students in the study of American History and to integrate it into other subject areas.
  • Educational materials provided by the “Memorializing Promise and Conflict” Teaching American History Program

How this site is organized
Content is organized around the program’s seminars, trips, book groups, and the resources used to extend the content into the classroom. Sections are further broken down by the time period that each year focused on: 1861-1900, 1914 – 1945, 1945 – Present.